Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

Don’t let his cheeks bear the pain of tears but let his lips bear the divided weight of happiness. 
Oh! My Dear Diary, give him all what he want but take whatever he is willing to lose and give it to me.
Oh! My Diary, listen, keep him safe in a safe. 

If ever I meet him and ask , what was he doing for so long, make him answer about how happy he was but also let him sing of his pains, so that I can memorize them and never let them occur again. 

When I ask him his wish I want him to take your name My Dear Diary. I want him to say “Your Dear Diary” because it will be you who fulfilled my wishes and gave him the happiness. And when he reads you, make him realize that someone missed him all her life. Someone was writing, keeping him in her memories, someone had let her tear drops fall on your page. 

Tell him how wet you got when those drops collected and you were ready to tear yourself in my pain.
Make him embrace you with his soft fingers. 

My Dear Diary, please don’t let his cheeks bear the pain of tears. 
Kenneth ©

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