Concealed Ardours

Winters are gone and the summer sun melts my freezed brain, giving way to all the thoughts that I locked before the winter started. All of them are wrestling amongst each other making their way out through my caged brain. I am feeling too much. I am percieving things and more than that, I am thinking too much. This whole process aches my mind but I am helpless and restless trying to keep myself at ease. 
Winters are gone, and now nothing is concealed. The sun shines bright making things visible. I can no more hide myself in blankets and jackets, concealing myself. Summer is here and everything is extremely hot and exposed.
Oh shit! A thought tickled my brain. A thought of burning everything I cannot conceal. Burning! Everything I CANNOT CONCEAL. 
Kenneth ©

2 thoughts on “Concealed Ardours

  1. It would be nice if you'd add a subscribe button to your blog. I'm going backwards, reading all your articles from June all the way through January. And every thing I read, something new crops up about your style. One constant thing though, is your calmness. Your work is very serene and soothing. Lovely title, that. Keep it going.


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