You Will Be Alright

She peacefully laid in her bed, dreaming of black roses and unsharpened thorns, with windows shut and curtains drawn neatly with a little flower pot beside the border of the curtain. No light could enter the room unless someone bothered to change the cold setting of it.
The door knocked once, she didn’t wake up. It knocked twice, this time sharp, nothing happened. 

*knock* *knock* *knock*, large thumps this time and she woke up dazzled as if a child was asked to step out of the idiot box and enter into his books.
She stepped out of the bed, letting her soft feet touch the cold floor. Dragging herself till the lock, she murmured “it must be him. I will dance with him. I love him”. 
She opened the door, sceptical about the person standing behind the door. And the moment the door laid open she ran towards her husband,”daddy! daddy! oh, you are here. I was dreaming about you”, she lied. 
The man, drained and despondent cupped her face in his palms, expecting her to recognise him.
“So, my lovely lady was sleeping. Did you sleep well? Any trouble?” he enquired, expecting not another verbal blow from her side.
“Yes, yes! I slept well, Love. Oops, daddy!” she mumbled, correcting herself.  
The man closed the door behind him, picking up the glass of water from the corner table and a medicine box. “Eat them, honey, you will be alright” he muttered confused and clueless.
“I ate them. They were sweet, They tasted like a dark chocolate” she responded, justifying herself, making no sense. 
“Okay!” he continued “then get back into the bed and sleep. Buzz the bell if in demand of anything, goodnight.”
Checking the state of the room, he went near the curtain wanting to check that the plant wasn’t dry. And there it was daubed on the thin wall lining, the medicine. 
“Jack,” she said.
He turned around excitingly as she recognised him, “uh! what?” he reflected back.
“Nothing daddy! I was asking Jack to sleep” she replied and closed her eyes, behind the door.

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