The Silenced Girl

She wanted someone to lend their ears to her silenced words because forcing a curve on her lips was difficult than it seemed. Her heart welled up with grief every time her stillness was demanded. Tired of everything around her, she felt suicidal, vulnerable by death. She sat muted on a couch trying to figure things out but minute after minute and hour after hour she felt unwanted thoughts brooding her mind adding glumness to her air. Silence is not always peaceful sometimes it kills. 
Silence kills!

Things buried inside the heart eats the soul making impossible for it to stay in the close room of the body. Still, everyone demanded silence and caring was just a hypothetical theory. If silence was wise and great then why did god make words? Just to make a human realize about the existence of binaries? But then he made binaries too! 
Sometimes everything is confusing and killing. 
It leads to depression which is deeper than the injuries received and her scars were the demanded silence and the absence of care.

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