I Am Flawed


Yes, I am flawed.
I am the absurdity of a dream
Trying to fit into this real world.
With my soul locked inside the corner of my body.
But wait!
There is a squint in my soul
Because I am flawed.
Just look at me,
A useless white in the box of colors
The unwanted black in the pack of sheets
The pencil without a lead.
But wait!
The sheet was white
The pen was black
And the pencil without a lead
Because I am flawed,
Flawed under circumstances.

Last month,
When the winters were morphed
When the summers were born
I thought I would love my flaws.
But I am not a season.
I am not a tree waiting for the Spring to adorn me
I am just another human being who is,
Existentialists said that life is absurd,
So I decided to love my absurdity.
I decided to dream,
To unlock my soul
To let it move in all directions,
Because that is the only thing that needs to be free.
To be the white and wait for my turn on black.
To be the black and wait for the glitters to decorate.
To be the pencil without the lead
Atleast the mistakes I make will be a little less.

I decided to be optimistic today
For tomorrow I will be flawed again.

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