Cries The Soul


‘I wish you saw the shine in her eye
When you were about to kiss her.’
Cried the soul.
But no!
You were driven by the heat of your intensity,
You held her by her hair,
Pulled her closer
And sealed the deal.
The deal of breaking her until she is crushed.

‘I wish you saw her body
When she was dressing it up,
Adorning herself with the clothes she was wearing,
Silently hiding the marks of your teeth on her skin
Under those silky hems.’
Cried the soul.
But no!
All you had was an adrenaline rush,
You stripped her naked,
Made love to her
And slept silently while her mind was torn between whether you love her or not,
Bringing her on the verge of regretting.

‘I wish, for once, you had seen her
Not as body parts,
But as a soul in entirety.’
Cries the soul.
I wish, once you shared a deep talk with her over a coffee
Instead of those shallow pool of your materialistic likes while driving her back to the nearest metro station.

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