What Held Us Together


If someone asks me what was there that held us together
I am going to tell them about the burning cigarettes, beer bottles and bed that we shared
Instead of the life that contained us.
I would tell them that
little things matter.

And there was nothing that could replace us sitting by the window at 11,
sharing coffee and ideas about how this world came into existence.
You would blame monkeys while I would blame shooting stars,
And how we are all made of broken ones trying to piece ourselves,
With you being the brightest piece of mine.

I am not going to tell them about our walks on beach,
your fingers entwined with mine,
But instead make them believe how we had perfect moments in our room
Lit with starlight
and fires of our bodies wrapped in thin clothes
Lying beside each other while our souls made love like never before.

You know, I won’t let out the secrets about us.
I will let it hold us without making someone else our pillars.
And even if I tell all this,
I am not telling them the moments that belonged to me
When you were just mine
And I was the sole captor of your soul.
I am not telling them about the spectrum of light
Your body formed on mine
Like two people making love over the rainbows
Washed by the most beautiful colours existing in this universe.

And when someone gets the itch of knowing
What held you and me together,
I am going to use the lamest metaphors
And the dullest similes
Hiding all the allegories your body told me each night
When it rhymed with mine
Like the melodies made
To define only us.
Melodies, whose colors will fade the moment
You try to fit your bones with someone else
Like a kid’s puzzle
Being tried with another set of box.

So if someone asks me what was there that held us together
My answer will be
the love their soul couldn’t reach
And the nights which didn’t touch them.

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