Meeting at the Horizon


You said that you loved sunrise while the sunsets marking the oncoming of dark nights pacified the hot ashes of my soul.

We were so disparate.
You found hope in the rising sun while I saw it in the setting one.

What we needed to understand was that the sunsets and sunrises, both share the same moment at the horizon every day. And we both loved those very moments, calling them hope, union and love.
We were not really different. We just thought we were.
How could we, when we both loved the same sun at its same holy place?

So maybe someday while looking at the sunset, I will convince myself that it is rising, waiting for it to complete its shape, becoming full.
Although my heart will know that the sun will sink until I see it again but I will also know that while the sun was rising that day, it was at that same place, doing the same thing – shining, giving two dissimilar people hopes about the same thing.

And maybe, the next time I meet you, I will try to convince you how sunsets aren’t that bad. I will try to support my argument with all the lame conjectures, wishing for you to look at it like I looked at all your sunrises, feeling all that you have felt.
And maybe, we will be on the same horizon one day, like 5:00 AM and 6:00 PM of a winter day.

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