“Sleep Little Child” – An Elegy to Winters


Your soft fingers often ruffled my hair,
Comforting me.
You left me cold on certain nights,
But on some nights,
you would tuck me inside my coziest blanket and whisper
‘sleep, little child’.

Mother ran with socks after me,
But I liked your touch on my feet,
Like walking on a hill covered with snow.
You know sometimes I would shake,
But you always lifted me and whispered
‘stay strong, little child.’

You brushed against my arms,
Cloaking me with a silent shiver,
I think you loved me too much to stay away from me,
So I would let my arms bare,
for you to tenderly kiss them,
I loved you too.

And now that it is time for you to leave,
I sit here,
Looking for a piece of you,
To call my own.
But you are melting away,
Constantly whispering,
“sleep little child, we shall meet again.”

The picture in this blog belongs to the blogger.

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