Numbering Words

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I scribble random words in my journal.
I call it a Bible;
with love being the last word.

Under words like faith I scribble your name.
I don’t want you to stop believing.
Underneath the word, there is an inscription which says – ‘lost faith reap more love.’

I now know why you could never utter the last word in my journal.
You don’t know what it means.
I hope you never get to know what it is.
So underneath love, I write ‘it hurts’.

The Bible is now a book of lost faith,
where I know too much, and you know nothing about it;
all because you never lost faith while I was losing it during all the times spent with you.

I cross my heart
and scribble hope.
They never said love happens only once.

Look I found it
on the last page of my journal;
under my torn skin
and broken rib cage.
Underneath hope, I’d scribbled – ‘for yourself’.

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